Is this thing on???

Hi there!  My name is Allison Stowers and I’m a licensed physical therapist here in Chattanooga.  I earned my clinical doctorate in physical therapy from Georgia State University.  A love of rock climbing and a dedication to it’s outdoor community brought my husband and myself here and that same love of climbing and the rehabilitation of common injuries seen among climbers are what ultimately led me down my professional path.

Along my journey I was intrigued by the common issue of pelvic pain and urinary incontinence among high-level athletes and women in general. Thus, began my further educational pursuit into pelvic floor rehab through the Herman & Wallace pelvic rehabilitation institute.

You can often find me perusing research papers and listening to physio podcasts seeking ways to improve quality of care through evidence based treatment.  The compassionate individualized one-on-one care I strive to provide at Peak Fitness & Physical Therapy makes our alliance a perfect match.

I’m excited to use this blog to share the latest tidbits and information I find on climbing training, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and all things that make Chattanooga the awesome place that it is.

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