Lady Crush: 05/24/2017

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Checking out First Ascent in Chicago with, Karen Fernandez of Team Sapiens Physical Therapy

It’s been a fun month replete with travelling for courses, hiking and climbing.  Early in the month I visited Chicago and took a fantastic course at Entropy Physiotherapy with Adam Meakins and Erik Miera.  I thought more about the way I think in the first two hours of the course than I had in months and I walked away with the exciting and daunting realization that I don’t know shit.  Daunting for obvious reasons, but also exciting because there’s so much more to learn about getting patients back to doing what they love sooner.

Brews Over Broad
While it’s indeed getting swampy hot here in Chattanooga, there still seems to be a lot of excitement and fun stuff going on.  I’m trying to take advantage of the mornings and evenings in preparation of Monday’s Chattanooga Chase, but coming up tomorrow is this much anticipated event.  Live music + beer + awesome deck views of downtown, what more is there to ask for?  Oh you also want to learn a little more about what’s going on in the world of Chattanooga climbing?  Well lucky for you, both the Access Fund and the Southeastern Climbers Coalition will be on hand to spray you down with all the goings on.

South Cumberland State Park Fixed Anchor Permit
Which allows me to transition seamlessly into the next order of business.  Have you been to Denny and salivated over blank cliffline just chomping at the bit to get your drill sunk into the rock?  Well here’s your chance to be a part of southeastern rock climbing history!  The South Cumberland State Park which both Denny Cove and Foster Falls are a part of are accepting applications for new route placement.  Rumor has it very few applications have been received, so check it out and help us develop our rock playground.

Coming up soon…

Triple Croooooown!   Registration is open.
Women’s Climbing Festival – Southeast Edition Registration opens August 1st

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