Lady Crush: 01/09/2017

Lots of exciting things happened in December resulting in my holiday hiatus from blogging, but I’m super excited to share that Peak has MOVED!!!  We’ve doubled our space with private treatment rooms (yay! #pelvicmafia) and a fitness room.  We’ll be hosting an open house soon and will have regular weekly fitness classes starting after that.  We’re now located at 1819 Broad St. Suite 107, across the street from Koch’s Bakery.

The Dirtbag Diaries: The Skin Track
In 2012, I was introduced into the world of podcasts via The Dirtbag Diaries.  For about two years, I didn’t explore beyond this one podcast and would wait like a kid waiting on Santa each week for the latest release.  I’ve since filled my iTunes & iPod (yes, there are some of us who still use those) with lots of other podcasts, but Dirtbag Diaries continues to be one of the most consistent bits of  ear candy out there.  I may have cried listening to this recent short: you’re forwarned.

Roots Rated: What You Need in Your Southeastern Adventure Medical Kit (According to the Experts)
My husband will be so proud to see that I’m posting this.  I can’t tell you how many times I intend to be prepared and end up hiking out of a crag after dark without a headlamp.  I keep this medical kit in my backpack.  And don’t forget to replace anything you use!

Misadventures Mag: Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman
I know so many awesome independent AND married women out there and know this article is relevant to so many of you.  Typically when I travel sans the dude, I do so with a girlfriend, but even after five years of marriage family will still ask, “Jonathan’s going to let you do that?”  The thought that I would need to get his permission is a bit condescending and gross.  This quote in the article sums it up best, “by pursuing the activities that serve me, I’ll be the version of myself that ultimately makes me a better me, and a better partner.”

And on that note, I’m headed out to Rocktown for my own solo (+#ivydog) day trip adventure.  42 days till Hueco2017!

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