Lady Crush: 12/07/2016

And now for something completely different….Jonathan and I took a quick weekend trip up to New York this past weekend.  It was Jonathan’s first time in the Big Apple, and so it was fun to play tourist and we got to catch up with some of my college friends over some amazing meals.  Back in Chatt to our reality and back to a training program.  I delayed this cycle by a week after my tumble down the stairs and getting sick, but last night was my first real training session.  One word descriptor: humbling.  Onward and upward!

Balancing a Pregnant Body with a Climbing Mind
I love Beth Rodden’s blog, but this post in particular caught my attention.  I have several patients pre, peri, and post partum all in different phases of getting back into their sport of choice.  I often find that we can work on the physical needs of new mom all day, but the mental game of balancing being a new parent with being an athlete can be the biggest challenge.  She writes, “I want to give him the time he deserves, but also need to maintain some of my own identity as well.”  Whether you self-identify as a climber, runner, or power lifter, becoming a mom just adds another label, it doesn’t replace the ones that came before.

Girl Crush of the Month: Kyra Condie
Pulled this from my archives from October.  I was really excited to see another post surgical scoli crusher.  I feel like everyone has their own kryptonite. You know you hear it all the time, “I’m too tall, this is a short person problem.”  “My fingers don’t fit these tiny slots!”  My personal complaint, “I don’t bend that way.”  Like Condie, I had a fusion (pictured below).  But we all know that with these proclamations, there is almost always a way around what may be considered the beta.

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