Lady Crush 11/30/2016

A day late in this week’s post since I’ve been kind of a mess this week – starting with my own klutziness as I literally fell down the stairs after a PRN shift at the hospital.  Luckily I only had about 100 feet to walk to get to the ER where I was stitched up and sent on my way with instructions to not climb for 7-10 days.  Two links this week followed by a bit of my own lady crushing from this past weekend.



Here’s the Thing About Women
I’ve loved Brendan Leonard’s writing and stories since the first one I heard on Dirtbag Diaries.  I had recently gotten into climbing myself and the stories shared in Dirtbag Diaries eventually turned into the blog Semi-Rad in 2011.  Brendan tells it like it is in the short and sweet, but awesome post from earlier this month.  Still looking for a Christmas gift for your climbing partner?  Check out the book he released earlier this year bearing the same title as the linked podcast, Sixty Meters to Anywhere.

Women’s Climbing Festival
The first women’s climbing festival in Bishop started by Flash Foxy was earlier this year – pictures and videos from the event were blasted on social media and definitely gave me #FOMO.  Registration for this years festival (to be held on March 3-5th, 2017) goes live tomorrow!  Don’t be left out – it’s going to be a stellar event with events ranging from climbing specific education (How to Highball, ShortieBeta) to workshops on how to break into a career in the climbing industry.

To close out, I just want to post some photos from this past Sunday.  Despite not being able to climb, it felt so good to be at my favorite place on my birthday surrounded by such a solid group of lady climbers.  I’m constantly humbled and proud to call Chattanooga home and this group of crushers friends.

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