Lady Crush: 03/16/2017


On one of my favorite climbs, Sternum.  Photo by Steve Meyers.

It’s been another week doing all the things I love.  Wednesday was one of those perfect days that made me appareciate living in this town so much.  Had a full morning at Peak and with the time change, was able to still snag about five hours at LRC.  I didn’t think I climbed that hard, but my body seems to be saying something differently.  Lots of self care with the foam roller and lacrosse ball today.

A Recap of the 2017 Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival

Remember this festival I mentioned several posts back?  Well, the morning the tickets went live, I was too slow on the draw and they sold out so quickly!  This recap is nice though and gets some serious #FOMO going.

Active recovery of the finger flexors enhances intermittent handgrip performance in rock climbers.

Ever wonder if shaking out is just a mental game?  This study seems to show that it’s not all in your head. Several years ago I was looking for research on this and the only study at the time showed that shaking out was ineffective; however if you dig a little deeper into the study design, subjects were shaking while keeping their arms still above their heads.  Who does that?!  I’m thinking that earlier study wasn’t designed by a climber -but this study linked above is much better designed and makes me feel a lot better about spending so much time trying to keep the pump away.


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