Lady Crush: 03/09/2017


Lady crusher and #DPTstudent Sabine working out the last few moves of T-Thong at LRC.  

It’s been good to get back to a routine here in Chattanooga.  For me that means a little bit of working [with some of my favorite climbers on the planet] and  a little bit of time spent outside [incidentally with some of my favorite climbers on the planet as well] . I climbed at new to me boulders on Saturday and then worked some projects at LRC.  I’m psyched to get out this weekend and maybe put some things to bed for the season.  Despite the fact that I’m sitting on the back porch in shorts and tank top right now, word on the street is that there could be snow (read: sending temps) on Sunday.

Climber-Friendly Recipes: Apricot Almond Chocolate Bark
This week, I’m crushing hard on sweet recipes – it’s been over a week since I’ve indulged in anything sweeter than dried cranberries mixed with plain yogurt.  This will easily be one of the first things I make after Easter.

Jennifer Nicely: On Coming Back From a Nearly Career-Ending Injury
As a physical therapist, I’m a nerd for recovery stories.  This one from Jennifer Nicely includes not only a really interesting injury, but also a pretty badass recovery.  I love how she goes into both the physical recovery and the mental recovery as she approached climbing and more specifically bouldering.

From Patagonia: Bears Ears
This extremely poignant video is followed up with others telling the rich history and importance of Bears Ears.  Chapter three shows how you can make a difference.  Even bigger than this, I would urge that if you’ve had the opportunity to use Bears Ears to write a personalized letter or email toInterior Secretary Ryan Zinke. (202) 208-7351,

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