Lady Crush: 03/01/2017–XK1hYpM/?taken-by=stowblood

It’s my first official day back in the office after a whirlwind trip to San Antonio for CSM and our trip to Hueco.  I did manage to put down one of my projects, Girls of Juarez and came really close on the other, New Religion. I opened a few new ones as well and that is why I’m already trying to figure out how soon I can get back out west.  Till then, it’s looking more and more like a harness is calling my name.

Huge thanks to Nate Drolet and Power Company for helping me crush despite millions of excuses and an insane workload this season.  Nate was super accommodating throughout the process of training and gently nudged me to get after it even when I was dog tired from 12 hour hospital shifts.  I highly recommend getting with PCC  – they really listen to your goals and can help customize your plan to fit your lifestyle.  This week, some major lady crushers, dealing with your period outdoors, and a strength challenge here in Chattanooga.

American Margo Hayes Sends La Rambla 5.15a, Makes History
I initially saw this news on Alex Johnson’s IG profile and loved how the picture perfectly captured what I imagine it was like for Margo to realize she had crushed a monumental goal.  Huge inspiration to get out there and crush this week!

A Kit for Dealing With Your Period Outdoors. Finally.
How cool is this?!  I mean, let’s be honest, it can be a downright pain in the ass to be a girl in the woods/desert/crag sometimes.  They’ve already met their original Kickstarter goal of $10,000 and are just $600 short of their revised goal that will allow Animosa to get their online store launched.

Luther, another V13 by Alex Puccio
Last week in Hueco, we got to spend some time with Alex at the ranch and despite a cold (that she may have passed along to us 😷) she crushed everyday that she was out on the rock.  The first night we arrived to the ranch, I walked into our bunk to find her throwing down on an ab workout.  This, after she had spent a full day in the boulders.  This never-stop attitude is exactly why she is a machine.

Tactical Strength Challenge: Chattanooga
When I was interning at the VA in Columbia, SC, my clinical instructor Matt Anderson was always nerd-ing out about Strong First and pushed me to start lifting.  Now that I’m in Chattanooga, Paul Corsaro has stepped into that role.  Over a few beers, Paul convinced me to pick some weight up off the floor, do a few pull ups, and throw some weight over my head, no big deal, right?  Just a few weeks to train – come on out for what is sure to be a fun event.

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