Lady Crush: 02/22/2017

Hueco!!!!!  I’m sitting here in the barn on our rest day with spotty WiFi trying to crank out some content for the next couple of weeks, but I think that Cattleman’s will likely be calling my name before I get too far in the weeds.  Updates from my little corner of the southwest:

  1. I’m fresh off a kidney stone.  Spent the last week rolling around in fetal position only to one day miraculously wake up healed (read: finally passed).  Special thanks to all of my friends who I text-whined at in the past week.
  2. I’m also fresh off a week in San Antonio where I attended the American Physical Therapy Assocaition’s Combined Sections Meeting.  For all of you non-PT folks imagine Comic-Con for all things physical therapy.  Completely nerded out on several biomechanics lectures.
  3. Three more days coming up here in Hueco where I’m hoping to send New Religion and Girls of Juarez.  Fingers and toes are crossed.  Except when I’m be climbing – that’d be weird.

#defendersoffun: Gina Begin, Outdoor Women’s Alliance Founder
Hot off the press from Dirtbag Darling, an interview with Gina Begin.  She began OWA, a non-profit, that works to promote women in the outdoor industry.  How many of us have moments in the outdoors that have made us want to change something about ourselves for the better?  I’m betting everyone and the catalyst for this organization stems from that very notion.

Moving Outdoor Retailer Isn’t About Politics. It’s About Money.
An interesting look at different sides of the coin when it comes to OR’s pull out of Utah.  With two updates (so far) as the story continues to progress.  The current political climate has fired up lots of folks including the outdoor industry.  Political persuasions aside, it’s good to see so many people starting to put their feet in the water.

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