Lady Crush: 01/31/2017

Just a quick little post this week – I’m working round the clock this month in anticipation of our upcoming Hueco trip.  Two links from two badass ladies and the official lowdown on Denny Cove.

Hardest Female First Ascent Ever for 15-Year Old Laura Rogora?
My first reaction when seeing this article, was admiration – it’s exciting to see hard first ascents by women.  My second thought was – if a guy puts up a hard first ascent, do we title the article with a question mark?

Alex Puccio And Kai Lightner Take The Title At The Dark Horse Championships
Puccio does it once again.  No surgery or sickness will keep this girl down.  Like many of you, I’m sure, I follow @alex_puccio89 on Instagram and wonder where she gets her energy.

Denny Cove is Open!
With a lot of hard volunteer work to remove stumps (looking at you Julie Reed – photo above taken by Cody Roney) and establish trails.  Yes, it’s still January, but with the warm temps recently, routes aren’t far out of my mind.  I’ll let this video do the talking.

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