Lady Crush: 11/07/2016

In what I hope will be a recurring once a week post, I’d like to introduce Lady Crush. News, training tips, and good juju from the world of lady adventurers. I’m coming off a weekend high of temperatures that were finally somewhat seasonal. We climbed on Saturday in the Concave followed by Sunday at our beloved Rocktown. Beloved because I met my husband of FIVE WHOLE YEARS there and it’s also where he chose to propose. Only fitting that we squeeze in an anniversary climbing session there.

Designer Clothes for Watching Ladies Climb
Outdoor Research posted this fantastic response to what I originally thought was a parody fashion spread by GQ (spoiler: it wasn’t a joke).

Dynamic Stretching: Fad or Fact
If you’re a lady climber and not following Crux Crush, you’re missing out.  There’s a ton of great regular content, but I’m loving this post from last month about dynamic stretching.  The gifs are a great visual – and the free body exercises on their own could be a stellar warm up on their own.


Trying to conjure good friction on slopers on a 75 degree day.  Not successful – this time.

That’s all for this week – here’s to getting outside and doing something fun!

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