Exercise Spotlight: The Wall Angel

What is it?
Stand with your feet about a foot from the wall, bring your back flat on the wall, and tuck your chin and keep your head in contact with the wall as well. Bring your arms into a W position then slowly raise your hands above your head keeping your back, head and elbows in contact with the wall. Then bring them back down and at the bottom of the movement, I like to pause for an isometric squeeze of the shoulder blades, really getting those rhomboids and middle traps firing.

Why do I love it?
The squeeze at the bottom of the movement targets muscles that I often find are weaker and lengthened in climbers, but then working throughout a range can help with overall scapular mobility. Keeping the muscles that move your scapula mobile and strong will improve postural kyphosis – AKA climbers back.

When should I do it?
Check your posture right now as your reading this. Where is your head positioned? Are your shoulders rounding forward? Sit up tall, find a wall, and give the wall angel a go.

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